What are we doing?



by Kuda Zumbika
Originally published at http://www.churchunlimited.co.za/elder/blog/what-are-we-doing

When we hear of Ebola in West Africa, or the war in Iraq, the usual reaction is to say, ‘well, it is far from us’ or, ‘hey, it is bad for those guys in those countries.’ As children of God, we ought to look at how we respond to the suffering that we see all over the world. Jesus showed in John 11:33 that when He saw the mourning of the people, His heart was deeply moved and he was greatly troubled;

When Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews who had come with her also weeping, he was deeply moved in his spirit and greatly troubled. Joh 11:33

This was in spite of the fact that He knew what was to happen and that He was going to resurrect Lazarus, He was so moved by the suffering He saw that He wept.

How does your heart feel when you hear the news of all this suffering, does it move you, does it trouble you, what reaction does it stir in you. I believe that as Christians, these events ought to lead us to pray, even though we are assured of the victory, but the needs in the world are there for the children of God to be made manifest. Let’s pray as if Ebola is in Hazyview or like the war is in Barberton, pray like your life depends on it! Even if it is for people you may never meet in this lifetime, because God loves the world and is seeking a people who will pray.


Kuda Zumbika is an elder at Church Unlimited in Nelspruit and White River.

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